• KronosEntity/PPPrimitive: New entity, a post process which is applied only on the surface covered by the underlying primitive. This is useful to "localize" a postprocess, it'll also be culled as would a regular primitive. The shader is setup in the material editor since its basically a regular primitive. This also means that all standard material actions will work on the post process shaders that use the standard material channels.
    A edgedetect post process which modulates the character beneath it. Its a plane primitive stretched to cover the whole screen.
    Same as above, but localized to the surface drawn by the cylinder primitive.
  • KronosEntity/Decal: New entity, primitive which projects itself along its YAxis. Beside that, it uses the regular rendering pipeline so custom shaders, normal maps, lighting, etc... are supported. This is good for Decals (hence the name). Since the projection is done in the pixel shader it works well with all geometries including skinned characters.
    A edgedetect PP which modulates the character beneath it.
Older Releases
  • Gaea: Use SciTE as default text editor for comments.
  • Gaea: Updated export and upload for new publishing API.
  • Event/Enter&LeaveCollision: Added EntityName property to target specific entities.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: Use the package's name as window title when available.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: Don't use progressive loading.
  • General: Updated Gaea icon and logo.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: Much quicker loading.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: Fixed occasional crash when exiting the player.
  • Physics: Added back the MeshHull collision shape.
  • Kronos: More robust batch renaming of entities when creating templates.
  • niScene/Character: Fixed an issue with bounding box when swapping between different type of mesh collisions without recreating the character.
  • Gaea/Timeline: Don't expand DontSerialize and BlackBox entities. This results in much better performance in the editor when using factories.
  • Action/Input*: Added a "constant" flag which overrides the input value coming from the event and forces it to 1.0. This is best used when using Input* actions to move entities outside of the input events.
  • Kronos/Entity: Added a BlackBox flag to all entities. A BlackBox entity isnt expanded in Gaea.
  • Gaea/Library: Added a template tab where you can drag entities, actions and events to be re-used later.
  • Gaea: Fixed issue in the automatic creation of posters where they would be black images.
  • niUI: Fixed crash bug when loading certain types of 8bit TGA file.
  • Actions/EntityEnableAlone: Added EntityEnableAlone action which enables an entity and disables all its siblings.
  • niPainter: Support for bloom, refraction and fullscreen post process on WebGL, iOS and Android.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: iOS version of the player.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: Android version of the player.
  • Gaea/Library: Added hover documentation for all actions, events and entities.
  • Kronos: Added five audio actions: SoundEffectPlay, SoundMusicPlay, SoundMusicStop, SoundMusicVolume and SoundMusic.
  • GaeaPlayer: Audio Support on all patforms.

The audio formats supported are WAV and OGG for all platforms. Right now you must use a compatible format in your scene. In the future any audio format will be accepted and they'll be converted automatically.

Note: Check the SoundEffect sample at

  • Launcher: Added 'My Profile' tab which is used to setup your user name and license token.
  • Export: Updated to use the Token based identification.
  • 3D View: Added the Work Camera in the 3d view's top-left corner right-click menu.
  • GaeaPlayer: Faster app loading when it contains a lot of shader.
  • GaeaPlayer: WebGL, fixed rendering issues happening in some corner case when using relief mapping and an explicity opacity texture.
Note: All users get a free beta license valid for 180 days, go on your profile page to retrieve it.
  • Export: Added a "Poster" section which can be used to setup a thumbnail, title and video to be used on the web with the package. The video will be used as fallback if the user's browser can't handle WebGL. The "Create" btn will create a default set of poster for you, including the mpeg4 video !
  • Note: Check out testy's user page for an example, the LavaPit sample has been uploaded with a set of poster.
  • Gaea: Open the last level of the application that was edited.
  • Comment Editor: Enabled word wrap.
  • WebGL & OpenGL player: Added a reasonable fallback for the Refraction and Final Bloom effects.
  • Entity comments / Help texts: Fixed regression, restored mouse-wheel scrolling with large hover text.
  • Entity/Character: Fixed regression, the character path wasn't set after drag'n dropping a character file from the library.
  • Gaea: Touch support for Windows 8.
  • Event/Keyboard: Added MouseWheelUp/Down virtual keys which are triggered when the mouse wheel is used. (they are the end of the key list in the inspector)
  • Entity/CharacterNode: Don't flip the CharacterNode, this created more problems than it solved ; use a proxy Dummy entity relative to the node if you need to change the node's orientation.
  • GaeaPlayer: Enable anti-aliasing by default (for Windows .exe and desktop platforms).
  • Gaea/Timeline: Expand the layers and first two levels of the tree view when a new level is loaded.
  • Gaea/Inspector: Fixed Action's 'enabled' property also disabling/enabling its parent entity.
  • Export: Fixed an issue with DXT textures.
  • Kronos/Timeline: Guarantees that the actions in an event are triggered even if the event is stopped during the same update cycle.
  • Action/ViewportAnchor: New action which 'anchor' an entity to a side of the viewport.
  • Action/DebugTrace: New action which prints a message in the console - usefull for debugging complex setups.
  • Action/CCChangeHeight: Fixed the action which wasn't working anymore.
  • Entity/CharacterNode: Flip the CharacterNode's orientation if the node is using a right-handed coordinate system - this can happen when the chracter is loaded from some 3d formats.
  • 3D View: Fixed issue with the Gizmo when using Layers with different cameras.
  • 3D View: Fixed regression, Ctrl+F shortcut not working anymore.
  • Export: Project export includes the level's documentation.
  • niPainter: Better handling of the NoLighting material flag.
  • niPainter: Fixed TileMap rendering.
Note: The TestCases app has been updated, you can find it here. Check the ViewportAnchor level in the TestCases app for an example of ViewportAnchor action usage.
  • Entity/Text: Added text alignment and anchoring properties.
  • Launcher: Added double-click & enter as shortcuts to open and create new apps.
Note: The TestCases app has been updated, you can find it here. Check the Text level in the TestCases app for an example of the new text anchoring and alignment properties.
  • Light: New shadow map filters:
    • None: No shadow map filering.
    • Noise: Noise based filering.
    • Blur: Blur based filering.
    Note: Press F2 in Gaea to clear the shader cache to make sure that the new light shaders are used.
  • Light: Added a "shadow_blur" property that is used to define the radius of the blur/noise of the shadow map filter.
  • Light: Fixed Static flag. Spot light with the static flight won't recompute their shadow map unless they are moved.
  • Light: New ShadowMap cache, now much more robust, fixed the issue with the "CastShadow" flag that couldn't really be turned off.
  • Entity/Character: Fixed performance issue when using the gizmo with animated characters.
  • Entity/CharacterNode: Added a "draw" and "physics" flags which control wether the node linked to the entity should be drawn and have physics.
  • Entity/CharacterNode: Fixed the gizmo not being at the node's position.
  • Entity/Primivie: Fixed issue with the gizmo when the Primitive is used as a dynamic object (rigid body).
  • Physics: Improved performance of disabled objects (they are completly removed of the scene now).
  • Editor: The Alt+Space shortcut (toggle between the Work/Final camera) is a global shortcut.
  • Exporter: Correctly export dependant font files (.ttf).
  • Light: Added Ambient flag which should be used when applying an Ambient map (lightmap) to geometries.
  • Light: Ambient light behaves as a regular light excepted for the fact that it doesn't have a light direction. An ambient light can't cast a shadow nor have any form of attenuation, it can however handle glossy reflections and IBLs (and thus normal maps).
  • Painter: Fixed the 'white lit' preview shader.
  • Painter: Handle 2D textures in the environment map channels as a 2d spherical environment map. This includes the light's IBL textures and the material's Environment channel.
  • Material Editor: Automatically update the material editor when the selected entity's material library changes.
  • Material Editor: Don't clear the material editor when selecting an entity without any materials.
  • Material Editor: Removed the outdated information btns.
  • Collada/DAE importer: Correctly import the second UV channel (used for lightmaps).
  • Texture importer: Looks harder for a relative texture path when the texture path stored in the 3d module is an absolute path.
  • Gaea: Global shortcuts won't send their input to edit boxes afterward. So for example pressing Ctrl+Space to toggle play/pause won't insert a space in the currently selected edit box anymore.
  • Gaea/3D Editor: Set input focus to the editor when using Ctrl+Space.
  • Gaea/3D Editor: Display a hover icon for Dummy entities.
  • Entity/Light: Added a shadow_blur that controls the blur radius of exponential shadow maps.
  • Entity/Light: Added shadow_fov which controls the shadow map's field of view independantly of the spot outer radius. This is also what is used by Directional lights now since it procudes better shadows and give the opportunity to focus the shadow map on the important locations.
  • Painter/Shadows: Replaced the Variance shadow maps by Exponential shadow maps.
  • Material Editor: Added TransparentAA flag which is used to do per-primitve AA on transparent (alpha tested) objects. This works only with AA enable on devices that support it (in general all DX9 HW support this).
  • Gaea Launcher: Thumbs are updated at every refresh.
  • Export: Fixed issue with Windows UAC where the Export form would be blank when Gaea is started from a non-admin account to open an application created with an instance of Gaea that started under an admin account.
  • Draw Op Hud (Alt+`): Display the current rasterizer, depth stencil and sampler states in the text overview.
  • Gaea/Timeline: Contextual menu (right click) on Character entities to create CharacterNode entities and to copy a character node's name. The node is highlighted in the 3d view while hovered in the menu.
  • Gaea: New CharacterNode entity which serves to proxy nodes inside of a Character.
  • Gaea: Character nodes which are named keep_* or *_keep (* represents any node name) are never deleted by the optimization phase. Also the character's filename can be used to indicate a custom pattern, for example: *_keepnodes_Floor_Building will preserve all the nodes whoes name starts with Floor or Building (the check is case insensitive), *_keepnodes_all can be used to preserve all the nodes of a static character (*NOT* recommended).
  • Gaea: Better character mesh packing.
  • Installer: Added a 64-bit version of Gaea.
  • Gaea: Added a Launcher to open applications and create new ones.
  • Gaea: Added template applications "Custom Shader", "First Person Camera", "Model Viewer" and "Orbit Camera".
  • Gaea Export: Added "Project" export type which exports a 7z of the raw project data.
  • Gaea Export: Cleaned up export type names.
  • Installer: Added a "Start Gaea" checkbox at the end of the installer.
  • Installer: Removed the directory and group selection pages.
  • Gaea: Fixed an issue with "reset on stop" and the material editor.
  • Installer: Cleanup the Windows VirtualStore during installation. This prevent issues when hacking Gaea's code in "Program Files" directly (which you shouldn't do ;)).
  • Kronos: Action's expression "time", "frametime" & "roottime" variables are linked to the action's time instead of the global timer
  • Kronos: Action's expression using dt:// with an invalid path returns zero instead of a string which would result in an expression compilation error
  • Shaders/StdUniforms.cgh: fpsTime is tied to Kronos's timer (elapsed time, root timeline time, sin(elapsed time), frame time) so that shader animations can be synced with the timeline.
  • Action/EntitySetProperty & Action/EntityUpdateProperty: Expression's "This" is re-evaluated at each update.
  • Gaea/FBX Import: Added support for FBX 2010+ import.
  • Gaea/Timeline: Stop resets all the entities to the state they were in when play was pressed. The state of the entities that are modified/edited through the inspector or the gizmo while paused are not restored.
  • Gaea/Primitive: Fixed issue with material editor when toggling the "draw" flag.
  • Gaea: Fixed a crash that occured sometimes when Gaea exited.
  • Gaea/CollideCharacter: Improved the physics behavior. Added additional parameters to change the collide class for the feet and head of the CC. Added CCStatusGravity and CCStatusMovement events which are triggered when the CC touches the ground, hit its head, etc.
  • Gaea/Export: Added quick'n dirty btns in the Export form to launch previews of the exported content.
  • WebGL GaeaPlayer: Handle touch and keyboard/mouse input at the same time so that both work in hybrid platforms such as the Surface Pro.
  • Gaea/MaterialEditor: Support per-material custom vertex and pixel shaders.
  • Gaea/Export: Fixed issue with DXT export.
  • Gaea/Export: Web Player version indicated in export manifest.
  • niPainter: Made the Specular term with glossy reflection more intuitive to tweak by modulating it by the maerial's specular color ;
  • niPainter/HLSL: Cleaned up the standard HLSL library so that its more straighforward to write custom shaders.
  • niPainter/HLSL: Added StdNoise.cgh which contains a set of noise function that can be used in shaders.
  • niPainter: NoLighting materials use the rt_pixel_lit shader with the NoLighting flag instead of the fixed pipeline. This ensure that NoLighting materials render the same on all drivers, it also enables them to use Refraction and the more advanced shader-only effects.
  • Gaea/Export: More robust handling of directories with spaces in their name.
  • Gaea/3D Editor: Display an overlay icon above the CollideCharacter entity (as for lights and cameras).
  • Gaea/CollideCharacter: Fixed problem with the CollideCharacter and the Gizmo.
  • Gaea/Material Editor: Added Ctrl+M as global shortcut to show/hide the material editor.
  • Gaea/Export: Improved quality of compression for texture with an alpha channel.
  • Gaea/Export: Fixed an issue where the user couldn't export if he didn't save the level in the dialog before the export.
  • Gaea/3DView & Timeline: Better visual feedback of the playback state, grey/none while stopped, blue while playing and yellow while paused.
  • Gaea/Timeline: Umambiguous timeline play/pause/stop states.
  • Gaea/Inspector: Fixed issue with the inspector not refreshing the DataTable entities values when those were spawend by a Factory and then deleted while selected.
  • Gaea/Export: Ask the user to save the level before exporting.
  • Gaea/3DView: Fixed WorkCamera GlideTo & WASD movement not working unless the main timeline was playing.
  • Gaea/Timeline: Added "Copy / Cut / Paste" in the right click menu with Ctrl+C/X/V set as keyboard shortcuts ; this import/export a purely textual representation of the selected entites which can easily be copy/pasted around even in other softwares.
  • Gaea: Cleanup the App when its loaded. (equivalent to clicking the Reload the open application btn)
  • Gaea: Minor UI cleanup.
  • Gaea/3DView: Display selection and edit rendering even when final camera plays.
  • Action/FingerRayCast: Fixed raycast issue when using custom viewport layer.
  • Action/FingerRayCast: Fixed raycast issue with narrow FOV and orthogonal cameras.
  • Gaea/Export: Fixed an issue where the packager could run out of file handle and cause the packaging to fail.
  • GaeaPlayer-core.js: Added GAEAPLAYER_CONFIG.enableAA option to enable anti-aliasing.
  • Graphics/OpenGL: Support for anisotropic texture filtering through the EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic extension.
  • Graphics/OpenGL: Fixed an issue with OpenGL ES mipmap upload, should fix black textures issues.
  • Graphics/DDS: Re-enabled automatic DXT mipmap computation.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: Web player captures the input after a mouse/figner down so that it keeps receiving the mouse/touch movements when the mouse/touch is dragged outside of the canvas.
  • Entity/PPBloom: Fixed bug in serialization.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: Pre-load all shaders.
  • Kronos: Loading of "Loading" layer is guaranteed to be atomic.
  • Entity/Light: Added an Emissive flag which indicates that the light should add the material's emissive after the regular lighting has been computed.
  • niPainter: Shader cache is per-level resulting in the minimum of shaders being packaged with each level.
  • Kronos: When using progressive loading all root layers named "Layer" or "Layer#..." are loaded first and enabled. This enables the creation of a custom initial loading screen by putting entities in a special "Loading" layer. If no custom loading layer is setup a default loading screen with the TalanSoft logo is used.
  • Kronos: Added progressive entity loading.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: Added progressive loading to prevent a timeout of the Script when loading larger gpks.
  • Event/EnterCollision: Fixed issue when using multiple EnterCollision on the same entity.
  • GaeaPlayerSA: Fixed regression, crash when starting a package from the command line.
  • System: Improved memory management.
  • Action/MixerAnimUpdate: AnimBlendInTime and AnimBlendOutTime replace AnimBlendTime. Removed AnimBlendChannel.
  • Animations: Matrices a re-normalized after interpolation to prevent the squeezing effect that can happen when the delta between the animations interpolated is too large.
  • Animations: The animation loader sets the animation time to be the time of the last valid key.
  • Entity/DataTable: Fixed bug where a DataTable's bound properties would be mixed into the regular values.
  • Action/EntityDragToCursor: New action. Similar to InputDrag, the difference being that it can be triggered outside of input events and will use the last cursor position as the destination. The cursor position is the mouse cursor on PC/Desktop, on touch enabled devices it is the last position touched with the first finger.
  • Action/Billboard: Make the target entity's rotation copy the look_at entity's rotation, it uses the current camera as default look_at if none is specified. It provides a simple way to setup camera facing objects.
  • Entity/Text: Added "centered" flag, when not set the text is left/bottom aligned ; removed billboard flag.
  • Entity/Character: Start and end time can be specified in the list of animations so that blending works when all animations are packed in the same file.
  • Collada: If a texture can't be found try to find it in the same folder as the DAE.
  • Kronos: Refactored input update system to provide smoother mouse look input regardless of the frame rate.
  • GaeaPlayer: Reduced memory usage of the OpenGL driver by an order of magnitude.
  • GaeaPlayer: Added maximum texture resolution parameter, the loader will skip higher res mipmaps resulting in much lower memory consumption and quicker loading when using lower texture resolutions.
  • Event/FingerRelativeMove: Added acceleration and smoothing parameters ; the default values are set to provide a smooth mouse look.
  • Lighting: Light's specular color multiplies the glossy reflection and specular highlight.
  • Inspector: More robust transform edition, rotation is local which makes it a lot more usable in practise.
  • Inspector: Added "Reset Rotation" btn in the entity's Transform section.
  • OBJ format: Added support for import of .obj files. (Tested with models coming from ZBrush and Autodesk 123D)
  • Export: Fixed invalid "cooking" when using file with extensions in uppercase.
  • Collada: Fixed some models being mirrored when imported.
  • Actions: Added EntityUpdateProperty action which evaluates its expression every frame.
  • Entities: Added the bound property @position to all entities so that an expression can do position based computations.
    For example the expresion
    Format("dist to left: %.1f m", Len3(dt://Cube/@position - dt://Left/@position) / 10)
    results in a string containing the distance in meters between the "Cube" and "Left" entities.
  • Inspector: Colored edit boxes support Ctrl+Mouse Drag to change the value of the contained number.
  • View: Fixed error when using entities overlay icons.

3D File Formats

Gaea natively imports the following 3d file formats:

.dae (COLLADA) Exporters

COLLADA Exporter for 3DSMax for 32-bits and 64-bits Windows.

COLLADA Exporter for Maya for 32-bits and 64-bits Windows and OSX.

COLLADA Exporter for XSI (not tested)

COLLADA Exporter for Blender 2.6 (not tested)

COLLADA Exporter for Sketch up (not tested)