Valkyrie Engine for Windows

Click below to download the latest version of Valkyrie Engine.

Build 20181019_2240

  • Read the guides to get started here.
  • You'll need a free or paid license to export your scenes.
  • Scenes exported with the free license feature a watermark.
  • You must have an individual or business license for commercial use.
  • Click here to buy a license.
Read our full terms of service here.

(requirement: Windows 7 and above)

Valkyrie Engine for macOS

Available in Q1 2019

(requirement: macOS High Sierra and above)

We3D for iOS

  • Manage augmented reality and 3d scenes created with the Valkyrie Engine.
  • Add Valkyrie scenes using iOS sharing features. Use "Copy to We3D" when opening the Valkyrie Scene file (.vpk or .exe) in the "Files" app or any other file sharing app.
  • Add Valkyrie scenes with your web browser using the built-in web interface. Type the address displayed in the app's menu to open the web interface.
  • Scale AR scenes in real-time to make them fit in your environment.

(requirement: iOS 11.3 and above, iPhone 5S and above, iPad Air 2 and above, for AR iPhone 6S or iPad Pro and above)


Created by A-Stil

Created by Ferdinand Reginency

Created by Valkyrie Team (project)

Created by Valkyrie Team

Created by Valkyrie Team (project)

Created by Valkyrie Team