Introducing Valkyrie Engine™

Unleash your creative power!

Talansoft Valkyrie Engine™ is an accessible 3D engine empowering you to create interactive experiences such as games, apps, AR & VR content without coding.

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A tool for the Artists

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With Valkyrie Engine, you can create & ship 3D Applications with no software development knowledge. It's time to bring your ideas to life.

  • Create your assets using your favorite 2D/3D software.
  • Setup your scenes in Valkyrie & Design your interactions.
  • With one click, ship your product on Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android.

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Download the Valkyrie Engine and try the sample scenes.

Created by A-Stil

Created by Ferdinand Reginency

Created by Valkyrie Team (project)

Created by Valkyrie Team

Created by Valkyrie Team (project)

Created by Valkyrie Team

State of the art Features

High-End made Accessible

Valkyrie Engine features the most sophisticated technologies.


Physically based Rendering

The physically based Rendering model allows you to create realistic scenes with minimum configuration, just position your lights and get a realistic result.

2D & 3D Layers

Easily manage your scenes

Make your scenes easily manageable by creating 2D layers for UI elements and 3D layers for 3D assets. Each layer can have different mechanics!

GI for Mobile

Optimized for Mobile GPUs

Simply use our Global Illumination pipeline to allow light rays to bounce on surfaces. Enjoy beautiful shadows and radiosity on your mobile devices!

Simple Deployment

Compatible with iOS and Android

Forget about xCode, simply share your apps to your mobile devices using Airdrop, eMail, Slack or even Whatsapp!

Powerful Shaders

Unleash your imagination

Valkyrie Engine's "What you see is what you get" approach allows you to create realistic and stylized shaders on the fly.

Video Textures

Hardware Accelerated Decoding

Give life to your scenes with Video Textures without compromising on performance thanks to native Hardware Accelerated Decoding Support.

Cloud Compilation

Compile shaders in the cloud

Compile shaders for massive scenes in the cloud! This feature is only available on the MacOS version of the Valkyrie Engine based on Metal 2.

AR & VR Ready

Accessible Content Creation

Create compelling digital experiences for your audience! Augmented and Virtual Reality are now accessible to all!

No Coding Required

Complexity Simplified

Create complex interactions simply by drag & dropping actions, events and behaviours on your assets in the timeline.